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“Ravenous TCPs are fearsome things, but even with this one's troubled past, he still finds the capacity to be gentle…and just as dangerous when it's needed.”

ID: S033
Type: Ravenous Armor, Tail and Nose Anomaly
Category: Weapon
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 11 inches
Ability: Cobalt can sacrifice health to create layers of armor on his body, either for himself or for others. Armor created for Cobalt stays on his body. With each set of armor, Cobalt's defense increases, but his movement is hindered. Cobalt can shed any additional layers of armor he creates for himself all at once, but this process also costs health. Cobalt can also have the armor fall off of him at the moment it is created for no additional health cost, and shape the armor to his will- with the condition that it remains some form of armor. If he gets a good look at someone, he can create armor that is a perfect fit for them. In addition, his ravenous condition allows him to ingest any material he touches via the mouth sometimes present on his face. Although Cobalt does not need to eat in order to survive, he will develop an overpowering hunger over time if he does not eat anything. If he eats another TCP, he can heal himself the same way food types would heal other TCP.
Physical Appearance: Cobalt is a large, blue TCP with a slit in place of eyespots, round ear nubs, a round nose, and a long, thick tail. His body is made up of layers of armor plating, with a thin coating of fluid in between each internal layer and a small fluid core at the center. While Cobalt has no arms, he is unusually dextrous with his feet, able to balance on one foot and manipulate objects with the other. In addition, his tail can also be used as a limb to a certain extent. Cobalt typically wears a sort of tank top as well as a star blanket given to him before he left by one of his closest friends, but also owns a trenchcoat for travel.
Voice: Low, metallic clanking and thunking.
Skin: Hard, smooth metal plates.
Fluid: Standard fluid, albeit less of it
Special Attributes: None
History: Cobalt spawned just outside the TCP settlement of Micron, and was welcomed in by the community. He lived peacefully in the village for a year or two, successfully managing his condition, until one year an unusually cold winter struck. The residents of Micron, who had previously acquired food by retrieving scraps from a nearby city, hunkered down in their homes to avoid the cold. Since TCPs do not need to eat, food was considered unnecessary, especially with the danger of freezing. Cobalt, not wanting any of his friends to risk their lives for him, held out as best he could. About a week into the winter, he passed out on the ground. When he awoke, there was fluid all over the ground in front of him and bystanders were screaming. The residents of the village somewhat agreed with Cobalt that his devouring of an unfortunate passerby was an accident, but they still wanted him to leave, if only for their own safety. After wandering the streets by himself for some time, Cobalt came across the Gauntlet, and decided that he would enter- maybe they could find some way to help him.
Personality: Cobalt has an extreme fear of his own abilities- he gets incredibly nervous around food type TCPs, and doesn't like to be touched. Cobalt has sworn off of eating any living thing since his accident in the village. He is unconfident in talking to others, but he is incredibly loyal to those he has befriended, willing to put himself in harm's way to protect his friends.

Cobalt is surprisingly gentle for his size, and is extremely empathetic towards others. He dislikes seeing people in danger or being hurt, and will often try to keep others' spirits high even if his own isn't doing so well. Cobalt finds soft sand soothing, often dipping his tail inside and then slowly lifting it again to allow the sand to slowly slide off.
Other Notes: None


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