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Name: Hospice
Pronouns: It/He
Age: 40
Species: Cobra Selected Monster
Height: 7'6 (normal), 17'0 (fully extended) Home Zone: Bluster

This article contains depictions of gore/body horror in a character design. Due to this being the character's unclothed design, reference depictions will be spoilered.

Hospice is a cobra selected monster working as a doctor, particularly specializing in horror mutation. It is tan and black with rings along its body, has its tail split into 4 segments, and is capable of standing up on said segments as if they were extremely tall legs. It also has a transparent torso akin to a glass belly frog, and has its organs replaced with what appears to be a round “core” and boiling sludge. Scientists have been unable to determine how Hospice's body works post-horror mutation, and many have theorized it as part of the reason why Hospice itself became a doctor.

Project Appearances

2023/03/02 23:28Pichi Moonrain




Hospice is extremely cold and clinical, and has been known to unnerve its patients/crewmates on the SS Cascade. It seems unaware that the things it says can be seen as creepy, and continues to make comments about peoples' bodies and innards without much care of whether they would be seen as uncomfortable or not.



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