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Lawyer Type

“As with any TCP based on a profession, their 'clothing' is actually part of their body. Attempting to remove a lawyer type's suit will result in a very angry lawyer type, and a lawsuit of a different variety.”

ID: 0260
Type: Lawyer
Category: Creature
Height: Data pending.
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Lawyer types make those around them better at arguing a stance.
Physical Appearance: Lawyer types have a three-piece suit complete with a tie and a pin on the left side of their chest. They have linked circular eyespots that resemble glasses, and small pointed earnubs.
Voice: Soft, nasally TCP babbling.
Skin: Standard skin. The suit is smooth and silky.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Lawyer types can be found in most places, but the higher the population, the more you will see. They especially seem to flock to cities and dangerous zones. Their passions vary heavily, but they are very into practicing debate. Arguing is considered a fun hobby among them, with persuasion as a driving force. They are very social cats, but their social masks between groups can be jarring to see switch and lead to a sense of distrust with other types. There are no clear food type preferences, but they may like coffee and grape juice. Many will carry little snacks with them to work, and after big cases they may want burgers and noodles. Lawyer types seem to attract items and cats who can tell them if someone is hiding information from them and will go to great lengths to keep others from finding out what they have.

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