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Digital Plane

The digital plane is a plane created and maintained by the high god (NAME PENDING). This plane represents what is known as Morbit's “Internet”, allowing for long-distance communication between Morbitians using devices such as computers.


The digital plane is ever-changing, and not even the high god who maintains it is aware of all of its rules.

The digital plane can transmit communication signals from anywhere in Morbit, foregoing the need for wireless towers. Instead, these signals cross physical space within the digital plane to reach its target. However, communications infrastructure can still exist on Morbit for other use cases.

Modern Morbit computers can contain a small amount of the digital plane within them for offline use. Private communications can also isolate a specific part of the plane for personal use.

Life can exist within the digital plane, including sapient life - for example, the construct species rasters. Scraps can also be digitized, and TCPs can use their abilities over the internet.


The digital plane is a diverse place, resembling different locations from real-world biomes to fantasy locations. Common aesthetic inspirations include “old web”, some “Y2K design”, cyber aesthetics of the late '90s and '00s, and some era-relevant video games.

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