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Hologram Type

“Hologram types have a lot of utility in up and coming fields, with many high tech companies loving the style and flair they can give to advertising their products.”

ID: 0252
Type: Hologram
Category: Form
Height: 6 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Hologram types can sacrifice health to change objects or beings they touch into holographic versions of themselves.
Physical Appearance: Hologram types are average-sized TCPs with a slightly bulky build. They have a holographic and slightly distorted appearance. They have an up-turned ring around their neck. They have two eyespots shaped like squished squares. Their earnubs are plain and pointy. They have a small aura of square pixels floating around them.
Voice: Slightly glitchy and distorted TCP babbles.
Skin: Standard skin, albeit distorted and holographic like the rest of the TCP.
Fluid: Standard fluid, albeit distorted and holographic like the rest of the TCP.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Hologram types are usually found in indoor environments, high tech cities, and areas bustling with night life. They can technically adapt to any environment but struggle to fit in with nature. Hologram types are known to have a lot of modern and “trendy” interests, which can be a bit mentally draining for those who want a simpler life. Art is a big hobby among the type, mostly photo editing and movie graphics, but a lot also express interests in video games and older tech. They are highly social cats, and struggle with not being liked, taking it very personally. Some other cats may find their appearance to be a bit alarming, with the potential of causing headaches, with cats that have eyespots resembling traditional eyes also facing physical irritation. This is not a necessarily a common or uncommon reaction to the visual stimulation, but the type has no control over this and should not face scrutiny for it. There are no clear food type preferences, but it's been noted they gravitate towards simpler looking foods, and foods that are not sticky. When watching a show or movie, this typing has the ability to make little 3d models of props. The more they can see or refer from outside knowledge, the better the prop, but the moment they stop focusing- it's gone.

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