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Kelpie Type

“The transition between the sea and land form of a kelpie type is rather quick, their hands and feet shifting to allow them passage through their current environment. We have captured freeze-frame images of a kelpie type halfway through its transformation, and they look… strange.”

ID: 0599
Type: Kelpie
Category: Creature
Height: 10 inches in standard form, 8 inches in land form
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Kelpie types take a form similar to a horse type TCP on land, but change back to their original sea-monster-like form in water. The change occurs whenever the TCP attempts to walk or swim, their body shifting to accommodate them. It is possible to repress this change for short periods of time.
Physical Appearance: In their original form, kelpie types have a long tail in place of legs, a set of webbed flippers in place of hands, and webbed fins along their back and head. They have crescent-shaped eyespots and curved earnubs.

In land form, they have hooves for hands and feet, a droopy webbed tail, and a similar webbed growth on their head. They have crescent-shaped eyespots and curved earnubs.
Voice: Soft bubbling and whinnying.
Skin: Soft, smooth scales.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Kelpie types require water in their environments to be comfortable, full stop. Those who live entirely away from water without a tank or pool of some sort experience extreme distress, as well as worsening hygiene and health as their scaled hide dries out. They are a mysterious typing that does not reveal much about their instinctual behavior, though our specimens are fairly active and enjoy swimming and exploring aquatic environments. They are solitary and do not like interacting with others frequently, preferring to remain on their own. They thrive best on food type products with typings found in aquatic environments, regardless of whether they're meat or plant based. While some zones' lore discusses kelpie types dragging other TCPs to their watery grave, this is unsubstantiated and to be discouraged from spreading.

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