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Name: Void
Nicknames: Voidsy
Pronouns: They/He
Age: ????
Species: Lesser God | Collective (Type A)
Domains: Discord and Identity
Motifs: Masks and Space
Home Zone: None

Void is the protagonist and player character of Void Session, and is controlled via collective suggestion. All suggestions given represent Void's thoughts, including any arguments or side discussions. As such, Void is a chaotic person prone to making mistakes, some of them more dangerous than others. They resemble a bipedal anthropomorphic cat made almost entirely of space, contained by a semi-permeable membrane. They have a plastic toy-like mask on their face, capable of expressing any way they choose. It is unknown what is behind Void's mask, or if it can be removed at all. A halo rotates around Void's neck/upper torso, 2-3 typically blank masks floating along it. These masks can change their expressions and shape freely, and tend to reflect Void's innermost thoughts- and possibly conflicting suggestions. Void has no stomach area, their top and bottom half separated with space in between. These halves can be separated a short distance, but will eventually snap back.

Project Appearances

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Void came into existence in 315 RE, collectively formed by thoughts and ideas being drawn together- out of universe, this can be called the audience behind Void Session. They materialized at first as just a collective consciousness, deciding on their form not long after meeting Wretch.

They started their session by creating Primus and Buddy, and forming the session into a calm, forested world that their TCPs could be safe in. Some parts of their consciousness wanted danger, but were eventually overruled in favor of a more safe experience- the actual dangers of a TCP session unknown to them. Upon being made aware of other player presences in the game, Void grew very defensive of their TCPs, only to become immediately flirtatious with Wretch upon meeting her.


Void's personality is determined by the Void Session audience, starting on TGChan/Questden and eventually moving to the HD Forums. After years of the comic's run, Void's personality has been cemented to a degree, known by both the audience and the other players in Void Session to be a flirtatious but strong hearted person with issues with impulse control and overwhelming amounts of ideas, many of which are bad. Void cares deeply about both their TCPs and the gods they consider friends, but is prone to making bad decisions that can hurt if not outright endanger them. Even so, Void works hard to regain peoples' favor, and wants to be the best person that they can be. They are, however, prone to self flagellation upon any significant failures, mainly due to how much weight is put on their decisions, both by themselves and their situation.

They care about their TCPs in an almost parent-like fashion, and have referred to them as their children on multiple occasions. Their TCP strategy consists primarily of a combination of metagaming and attending to their TCPs' needs and accommodations. They have not succeeded in every endeavor in either of these categories, but they are persistent, and show no signs of giving up, no matter how difficult it gets.



Primus is the first TCP Void spawned, and they share a close bond. Void encourages Primus' active and curious nature, while still giving him the tools needed to survive and explore safely. The relationship between them is definitely akin to parent and child, though the same can be said of Primus and Dad. Void has also encouraged Primus to find love if that's what he chooses, but has recommended that he stay cautious and only do things at his own pace.


Buddy is the second TCP Void spawned, and they share a close bond. Void is careful to mind Buddy's accommodations, and has done whatever they can to ensure its health and safety. The relationship between them is definitely akin to parent and child, though the same can be said of Buddy and Dad. Void has also had to guide Buddy through life threatening situations, and has tried to make sure that Buddy knows of their complete faith in its capabilities.


Dad is the third TCP Void spawned, and they share a very close bond. Dad was skeptical of Void at first (rightfully so), but through Void's honesty and reassurance, Dad and Void possibly share the closest bond on the team despite their rough beginnings. Some members of the collective took offense to Dad's reluctance to work with them at first and even considered killing her, but said decision was quickly voted out and efforts to befriend her were made in earnest. The two of them have talked directly through the Mask of Courage on multiple occasions, and Dad had taken to carrying it on her person frequently in order to discuss strategy and how things are going whenever necessary… until Hark stole it. Void has complete confidence in Dad's abilities, and has promoted her to the leader of the team.


Wretch is the first god Void met in Void Session. She is someone Void values and respects possibly more than any other god in the session, and the two of them share a complicated relationship. Void has said on multiple occasions that they love and adore her, but their early interactions consisted primarily of flirting and innuendo, fueling Wretch's drive for affection and attention (even if said attention isn't healthy or positive.) Over time however, the two of them have become close friends despite a significant conflict involving Void flirting with Spit, and Void hopes to meet Wretch in person upon (hopefully) winning the game. Void is also fiercely protective of Wretch, and hates Spit even more than they did prior upon finding out that she and Wretch have some kind of harmful relationship (the nature of which being currently unknown to them.)


Marnet is the fourth TCP Void spawned, and they share a fairly good bond. The two of them aren't particularly close so far, but Marnet does trust Void and has followed any direction they've given without much hesitation. Void has been nothing but kind to her, and appreciates her strength and willingness to protect the team. Their relationship is significantly less parent and child-like than the relationships with Buddy and Primus, but they still care deeply for her safety.


Eastwood is the second god Void met in Void Session, and the two of them share a collaborative (if not slightly strained) relationship. It's hard to say whether Void and Eastwood want to be friends, and Eastwood has responded to any impulsive flirting with irritation. The two of them share strategies often, and have had disagreements in the past on how to lead the alliance, with both of them arguing on whether either of their ideas go too far.


Miller is the third god Void met in Void Session, and the two of them are friendly towards each other, for the most part. Miller finds Void's ideas regarding caring for TCPs fun and interesting, and is always excited to do something nice for their alliance's cats. Void appreciates her kind nature and excellent strategy skills, but has upset her in the past with their impulsive decisions and inclinations towards taking a leadership role not only for their own team, but everyone else's.


Spit is the fourth god Void met in Void Session, and the two of them share a relationship that can only be described as one-sided nemeses. Void hates everything about Spit, and has vowed to destroy her and her grip on her TCPs as best as they can. Despite this, Void's first inclination on meeting Spit was to “strategically” flirt with her, as a way of taking her off guard- this was not successful by any metric, and was primarily laughed off and used by Spit as a way to put a (temporary) wedge between Void and Wretch. Void finds the way she raises her TCPs to be abhorrent, and actively tries to counteract the abusive strategies she employs.


Jasper is the fifth and final TCP Void spawned in Void Session, and the two share a complicated relationship. Jasper was instantly distrustful of Void upon spawning in, and Void has had to work hard through honest communication and efforts to help Jasper feel more at home to gain their trust. Even then, stress and dangerous situations during the session have put strain on their bond, and Jasper is the only TCP on Void's team to show signs of going rogue. Void has always managed to turn things around thus far, and shows a huge amount of compassion towards Jasper's anxiety. The two of them do not have a particularly parent and child-style relationship.


Wax is the fifth god Void met in Void Session, and their relationship remains complicated. As a god new to existence, Void is an unknown variable in Wax's plans, and Void is determined to work hard to gain his favor. Void has on multiple occasions tried to appeal to Wax's gentle and compassionate side, and the two have a tentative treaty- if Void proves themselves to be a kind and caring god and manages to knock Spit out of the game, he is willing to work together and end the session on peaceful terms. Void is concerned for Wax's health considering his difficulties leading the Taverne pantheon, and even if they don't always agree with his morals and reasoning for creating the game of TCP, they seem to want to befriend him and help him get some rest.


Hark is the only TCP not on Void's team that they've interacted with directly for significant amounts of time, mainly through the Mask of Courage.

This section contains spoilers for events in the Hark Intermission between Acts 3 + 4 of Void Session, and can be clicked to reveal its contents.

Mask Identities

Void, being a collective of many identities, sometimes has specific kinds of suggestions visually manifest as different masks. These masks rarely reflect specific suggestors and more similar topics and recurring kinds of suggestions.

The Flirtatious Mask

This mask appears with a blushing or mildly suggestive expression when Void is dealing with particularly flirtatious (or downright obscene, before the move to the HD Forums) thoughts and impulses, and is generally seen as a nuisance in most cases after reactions to their flirtation were seen as…less than favorable.

The Murderous Mask

This section contains spoilers for events in the Hark Intermission between Acts 3 + 4 of Void Session, and can be clicked to reveal its contents.

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