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Skull Type (Storage)

“A strange choice for a storage type TCP, skull type can house consciousnesses…in addition, it appears that it can house multiple souls at a time, allowing for plurality just as much as any other TCP.”

ID: 0069
Type: Skull
Category: Storage
Height: 4 inches
Max Health: GOOD (4)

Skull types can store souls and act as a temporary body for them if the skull type allows it.
Physical Appearance: Skull types are small and stout with a standard body type. They have a helmet-like skull in the place of a head, the top of which being from which their rounded earnubs project. Skull types have two jaw-like protrusions on the bottom of their skull. Their eyespots are hollow circles on their skull. Skull types have ring markings along their arms and legs.
Voice: Clattering and rattling.
Skin: Bone.
Fluid: Bone marrow.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Skull types of the storage variety are generally adaptable to any environment, and are far less inclined towards spooky places than their body type peers. Instead, they prefer areas with lots of scraps, regardless of how creepy they are. Collecting souls seems to be something that they gravitate to, though most prefer to just have one additional soul aside from their own. They are highly social TCPs and will typically share information about the souls they've collected over the years if asked politely- though some prefer to keep things more close to the vest. These TCPs don't seem to have a preference when it comes to food type products, but may listen to whatever the soul they're keeping prefers. When questioned about the nature of a soul, and where they got such a thing, most skull types will say that it's a secret even they do not fully understand.

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