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Longwalker Type

“Data pending.”

ID: 0752
Type: Longwalker
Category: Creature
Height: 6.75 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)
Ability: Data pending.
Physical Appearance: Longwalker types have a slim, long shape and build. They have eight limbs, 3 sets of which consist of clawed arms, and two of which act as legs. They have six dot-shaped eyespots on their round heads and pointy, curved earnubs. They have two sets of large fangs on their face. Longwalker types have markings along their entire body, all their extremities have band-like markings around their ends and their torso and abdomen each have teardrop-shaped markings.
Voice: Hissing and scratching.
Skin: Hard exoskeleton.
Fluid: Standard fluid, slightly tinged with venom.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: None.

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