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“Finding a book type with a comprehensive story inside is a truly rare find, though one of my specimens seems to have a knack for recounting legends.”

ID: 0186
Type: Book
Category: Form
Height: 3.5 inches
Max Health: GOOD (5)
Ability: TAKE A LOOK

Book types can sacrifice health to turn any object or being they touch into a book, the text within detailing the properties (and memories, if applicable) of the object. Living beings are still conscious and aware of the transformation, and seem to have control of the opening and closing motion of the book- they can attempt to force themselves shut to resist being read, or sort of scoot around on their pages.
Physical Appearance: Book types appear similar to a book with arms and legs at first glance, but in addition to pages inside, there is a small paper TCP head in the center. The other pages inside a book type typically contain crude images or descriptions that seem to relate to the TCP's current thoughts. The TCP can choose what page it wants to display at any given time, but does not have full control over the contents of its pages- just as we often do not have full control of our own thoughts.
Voice: Small thumps, as well as the sound of pages turning.
Skin: Rigid sheets of felt.
Fluid: No fluid, but the pages inside the book type share the same purpose.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Subtypes: Pop-Up Book, Journal

Book types usually live in highly populated areas and stay primarily indoors. They love learning new things and sharing that knowledge with others, exchanging knowledge is often considered a love language among them. They do have preferences for the kinds of things they know, so don't expect them to be able to tell you everything- they're a book not a computer. While they are very social, these cats tend to be very picky with who they interact with, out of a fear of having their pages ruined. This has gained them a reputation among other cats for being snooty and belittling, meaning a lot of book types seek out other books as companions. They lean towards food that don't leave any sort of residue and avoid liquids at all costs. Book types will often have monthly book club meetings, being invited to join one as a nonbook is considered an intimate gesture, and likely means the book views their companion as something more.

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