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T-Rex Type

“I'm unsure what a T-rex is exactly- nor why it has such an odd name- but given the appearance and abilities of its TCP counterpart, it seems like the T-rex is a fearsome hunter on whatever world it hails from.”

ID: 0280
Type: T-Rex
Category: Creature
Height: 8 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

T-rex types emit a passive aura that allows others around them to track the movements of their prey better.
Physical Appearance: T-rex types have a curved torso leading into a long tail. They have small arms with clawed hands and large digitigrade legs with clawed feet. They have a set of spike on their tail and back, small dot eyespots with a line above them, small pointed earnubs, and two small dimples on the front of their squarish snout.
Voice: Loud roars and growls.
Skin: Rough, scaly hide.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: None.

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