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Slime Type

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ID: 0405
Type: Slime
Category: Form
Height: 5.5 inches
Max Health: GOOD (5)

Slime types can sacrifice health to change objects or beings they touch into slimes shaped roughly like their original selves.
Physical Appearance: Slime types have a bulky build with a sticky, dripping appearance. They have two rounded, droopy earnubs. They have two small round eyespots in the middle of their face. They have two arms with long trails of slime extending from them and two legs.
Voice: Sticky squishing and squelching.
Skin: Viscous, gooey slime.
Fluid: Thinner, more runny slime.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Slime types prefer clean, cozy areas where their skin doesn't unintentionally pick up dust or small objects. They can range from mellow to energetic, but regardless of which, they enjoy relaxing by creating slime to play with. They do not generally seek out friends, but are more than happy to make them. Slime types can have a variety of different food preferences, but many of them gravitate to sweets, desserts, and baked goods. Slime types particularly love nice aromas and will incorporate scents into their body, which ends up on any slimes they create with their ability.

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