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Frog Type

“A frog type's eyes are sensitive to the touch. Many frog types often wear special goggles in order to protect them from getting damaged.”

ID: 0208
Type: Frog
Category: Creature
Height: 4 inches
Max Health: GOOD (5)

Frog types speed up the growth of nearby creatures that change forms during their life, and also increase the jumping ability of those around them.
Physical Appearance: Frog types have a marking on their belly that extends to the lower portion of their face. Their hands and feet end in webbed fingers with round tips, and they have large round eyespots with dark pupils and no visible earnubs. They have a nonfunctional mouth on their face.
Voice: Small ribbits and croaks.
Skin: Soft, rubbery, and slightly wet.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Frog types need warm, moist environments to live in, with dry and cold places effecting their skin greatly. They can adapt to many places but seem to have a preference for areas near lakes, streams, and swamps. A lot of frogs get into swimming and climbing, with their skin making them surprisingly good at hanging onto even steep slopes. Some frogs get very into music, usually getting filed into baritone and tenor sections. They are generally very social, always happy to make friends and be around them, but many get labeled as too clingy. The weather tends to greatly effect what frog types are willing to do, frustrating some cats when their frog friends cancel plans last minute due to minor heatwaves or snows flurries. Frog types usually stick with leafy green food type foods, or berries, but will chose bug food types over that easily. This seems to be a bit harder to find. Frog types have very keen eyes and will notice things being out of place a lot sooner than the average cat. Surprising a frog type is hard to do, and there seems to be increased reports of paranoia in the type from them always feeling like they must watch out.

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