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Baseball Bat Type

“Baseball is not a particular common sport here on Morbit, but our studies have revealed it to be a very common and beloved sport on similar yet distant worlds, with the bat being a focal point in all iterations. Curious and curiouser…”

ID: 0238
Type: Baseball Bat
Category: Weapon
Height: 7 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

At the cost of health, baseball bat types can create baseball bats of various materials either protruding or independent from their body.
Physical Appearance: Baseball bat types have a standard shape with a broad-shouldered build, two legs, and a short arm. Their other arm is replaced by a baseball bat of a particular material, projecting from a wound at their shoulder. They have markings around their neck reminiscent of the grip of their typing's handle. They have eyespots like cartoon eyes and round earnubs.
Voice: Loud, brief cracks of impact and sometimes a light whistling noise, like air passing around a small object.
Skin: Standard skin.
Fluid: Standard fluid interspersed with baseball bats.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Baseball bat types can easily adapt to most areas but enjoy having open spaces where they can be outside. They don't mind crowded places but seem to need somewhere to breathe at least occasionally. They love anything they can do that involves whacking things, with most getting into destructive professions. Some will use this to create art, whether that be destroying glass items to make collages or hitting paint at a wall. They are social cats, and amazing team workers, but some cats find them to be a bit gruff. These cats enjoy “stadium food”, things like hotdogs and popcorn that it's easy to walk around and eat. Some also express a love of bubblegum and bubblegum flavored things, but without a mouth they are unable to actually blow bubbles. Baseball bat type cats are very fast to react and can duck out of the way of things moving at them easily. They are not good at catching things though, their first instinct is to hit, it is not suggested to sneak up on them.

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