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Giant Type (Creature)

“Giant types may still be small relative to our complex sized world, but tower above their peers. My specimens tread carefully, so as not to squish anything- or anyone- by mistake.”

ID: 0026
Type: Giant
Category: Creature
Height: 11 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (8)

The ground seems to vibrate slightly in a radius around a giant type. They are able to intensify this vibration by burying themselves- the more of their body underground, the more intense the quake. If a giant type is completely buried, it will create an earthquake strong enough to knock most complex off their feet and possibly destroy weaker structures.
Physical Appearance: Giant types are much larger variants of basic TCPs. Their eyespots and earnubs are much smaller in proportion to their head.
Voice: Low-pitched babbling.
Skin: Standard skin
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: The design of this TCP appears to have been taken from Giant TCPs. The two varieties of TCP are visually identical, the only difference appears to be whether or not they have an ability.

Giant types prefer to live in areas both where their vibrations will not disturb the world around them, and where they can bury themselves with ease- thus many wander the great outdoors. Giant types seem to enjoy exploring, content to roam. Giant types are solitary, and are only rarely seen in other social groups. These TCPs do not have particularly strong leanings toward any specific kind of food type product, though large portions are often needed to satisfy those with an appetite. Giant types are often lulled into sleep by their own ground vibrations, curling up to minimize the potential damage to others.

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