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Original Type: Basic
“No attempts to reverse the ephemeral modifier have been successful, though we will keep trying. It is particularly difficult when one's specimens keep fading, however…”

ID: M010
Subtype: Advanced
Physical Changes: None at first, but ephemeral types will slowly grow more transparent as time goes on until it is effectively gone. It will also become more difficult for them to interact with objects, their limbs simply passing through them.
Mental Changes: While no significant mental changes have been noted in ephemeral TCPs, their mental health is known to worsen due to the nature of their modifier inducing existentialism and grief.
Ability Changes: Ephemeral TCPs' abilities will grow weaker as time goes on.
Positive Effects: There aren't many upsides to being ephemeral, but some TCPs find it fun to push their limbs through solid objects in their half-faded state.
Negative Effects: Ephemeral TCPs are prone to developing mental health issues, and often have trouble connecting with peers.
Other Notes: None

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