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Name: Snuglin
Creator: Snuglin Corporation
Home Zone: Hearth
Project Appearances: Heartwarmer, Punch Clock Animal
Species Development Thread: Species Development: Snuglins

This article contains brief + simple mentions of reproduction, but is SFW. There are also mentions of corporate fuckery + violations of sapience rights.

Snuglins are a plush-based construct species native to Taverne, primarily Hearth. They are a relatively new species and have not had a lot of opportunities to spread to regions far away from Taverne.


Snuglins originated in Hearth and were created by Snuglin Corporation in 258 RE as a construct species. The first morph created by the corporation was the teddy morph, with more developed as different models in “waves” for release. Over time the morphs have gotten more and more varied due to wanting to keep more up with the times, but all remain recognizable as snuglins to optimize branding.


Snuglins are born and raised in SnugCo's facilities, created artificially using the company's technology, and enrolled in their academic program from an early age. AI known as PAL, CAP, TEACHER help raise snuglins, with their functions being “emotional support”, “enforcer”, and “evaluation” respectively. Family structure is atypical and more akin to “it takes a village to raise a child”, except the village is the corporation. There are parental figures in the corporation itself among the AI, but they are typically either high up workers or promoted snuglins that worked to get to this point. Leaving the corporation outside of their academic + career pipeline is possible, but requires a ridiculous amount of paperwork and navigation through red tape, culminating in trying to appeal to officials and making your case. Most snuglins are ill-equipped or not trained in figuring out this process, and are forced to go through the typical pipeline.

Snuglins do not have any particular religious ties. Numbers regarding worship vary due to there not being a creator god for this species, though many worship Wax and Velvet.

There is a high rate of disability and illness among snuglins, and those that leave the corporation without going through the pipeline often find themselves either seeking outside specialists or returning to the corporation for treatments (that typically require them to stay, or at the very least return on a frequent basis).

Goods made for snuglins by the corporation are often soft and friendly in their appeal, focused on comfort, and appearing inviting. It is not uncommon for a snuglin's room in the corporation to be filled with tiny knick-knacks and toys, prizes won through good behavior, and accomplishing jobs around the facilities. Snuglins that leave the facility for jobs or manage to escape its grip either order supplies and goods from the corporation itself or through indie vendors specializing in making their own snuglin-focused wares, typically in an effort to combat the corporation's monopoly. Indie vendors and activists are frowned upon heavily by the corporation but have a growing movement in Hearth and other Taverne zones. Snuglins tend to sleep in beds and/or pillow piles/forts, with fairly luxurious and comfortable accommodations (primarily meant to encourage them to stay with the corporation). Rewards given by the corporation for good behavior/performance include toys, clothing, and entertainment, though all books and movies are screened for content. Snuglins outside the corporation tend to value things that help give them more autonomy, especially with replacements for goods/services the corporation is able to provide in order to keep them tied to it. Body mod culture is extremely popular with snuglins outside the corporation, as it helps give them more autonomy and control over their bodies and how they present.

Education is primarily handled within the corporation itself, with information being heavily controlled and monitored. Once education is completed, snuglins are permitted to seek jobs screened by the corporation, typically in caregiving/caretaking, child education, and other fields that require a “gentle and friendly” disposition/appearance

Housing is provided within the corporation's facilities, with immense amounts of red tape in the way of seeking outside housing. Housing in the facilities is very comfortable and well provided in order to encourage snuglins to stay with the corporation.

Snuglins are encouraged by the corporation to appear soft, cooperative, and family-friendly. Many snuglin activists actively reject this expected image, going as far as making themselves censor-worthy in the corporation's eyes. The snuglin corporation has branches to create media both for mass consumption and for the snuglins themselves, all of which controlled to be sanitized and inoffensive as possible.

Snuglins are actively created to be terrible at combat, with no natural defenses (including a lack of teeth). One common body mod for snuglins is the addition of claws/teeth in order to help them defend themselves. For more information, see the biology section.


Snuglins are bipeds with a plush layer fused onto their skin, made to resemble plush toys.

Snuglins have round, soft shapes, typically with circles and ruffles prominent. Markings are usually simple and stitched on, though snuglins outside of the corporation may dye their cloth skin in patterns and add new patches. All snuglins have a plastic heart piece fused to their neck fluff that is immensely hard to remove, rooted deep enough to dig into their actual flesh and not just the plush layer on top. Plastic hearts are simple and uniform in color but are often dyed/painted/modified by sunglins outside of the corporation.

Snuglin voices are composed of squeaks and sometimes honks, much like a toy squeaker. Paw pads are typically present on most morphs. Most snuglins have tails, with the plush layer typically made out of particularly fluffy material. Hair is very uncommon on snuglins outside of modded ones, but has been put on several models as a “limited edition feature”. Snuglins range from 4'6-6'6 for “normal” adult height range. They have standard arms, soft paw hands, and digitigrade legs.


Snuglins have skeletons, muscles, nerves, organs, and blood underneath skin covered by a layer of plush. They are created without teeth. They require a primarily liquid/easy to swallow diet, making finding food they can eat outside of the corporation a real challenge. Energy levels vary hugely based on the model and how a snuglin is raised, with some having very low, sluggish levels and others being far more energized and enthusiastic. Very expressive body language, primarily with hand gestures and full body emoting. There are large, fluffy ears on most morphs, and button-like eyes, or organic eyes meant to resemble buttons with their custom pupils.

Snuglins have no natural defenses and lack claws and teeth entirely. The plush layer cannot heal on its own, requiring patching and specialized repair work. Cuts need to reach deep to actually hit the flesh underneath the plush layer, leading to things like papercuts requiring only a few surface stitches.

Snuglins have no specific animal behaviors, though many grow nervous and on edge from low socialization.

Bonus “features” such as music boxes may be added to a snuglin's body, often leading to new health concerns if left without supervision and maintenance.

Snuglins have a lifespan of 60 years and reach maturity at 18-20 years old.

Life Cycle/Family Structure

Snuglins are completely prevented from reproducing on their own, with no organs capable of it outside of extensive body modding.

Family is entirely chosen due to most/practically all snuglins being first generation. Snuglins fall into parental roles easily due to being raised/groomed for said positions, and many end up as caretakers for members of other species.


Morphs are based on plush toys of various animals, typically with a vintage feel. Due to their inability to reproduce, snuglin hybrids/mixed morph children are exceedingly rare and have to be created in lab conditions. If hybrids/mixed morph children are created artificially, they tend to pass down any organic traits, and not the plush layer added on top in snuglin production.

Common mutations include those affecting the organic body underneath the plush layer, leading to rips and tears in the plush once size growth, claw development, and other mutations occur. Teeth growth is also common, leading to some snuglins to mutate themselves on purpose in order to gain that advantage (and ability to chew things). Hunger increases, emotional instability, extra eyes, and extra tails are also common. Extra eyes burst through the plush layer in ways that no one is sure how they work, and extra tails are organic, without a plush layer.



The teddy morph is based on teddy bears and has button-style pupils, neck fluff, long, fluffy tails, round ears, and big noses. These were the first morph created by SnugCo and the most recognizable as the snuglin brand, and are in production to this day.


The meowser morph is based on vintage cat puppets/plushes, and has bead/button style eyes, that are plastic-like in material but still fully capable of sight. They also have neck ruffles, long, fluffy tails, and pointed ears- the only points on design. They also have defined muzzles, typically a different color than the rest of the head. This morph is also an early design, but not quite as recognizable as the teddy morph.


The pupper morph is based on vintage dog plushes, and has button-style pupils, neck fluff, short, fluffy tails, and long, fluffy ears. They are a relatively modern morph and incorporate new “features” such as collars and a tongue that hangs out of their mouths (both of which cannot be removed without surgery).



The squeakie morph is based on vintage mice/koala plushes and has button-style pupils, neck fluff, large ears, and two hearts present on their design- the trademark one on the neck, and another one at the base of the tail. They have louder squeaks than most other morphs, especially when squeezed. They are a relatively modern morph.


The snugglesaurus morph is based on dinosaur toys and has bead style eyes that are plastic in material but still fully capable of sight. They have spiky neck fluff vs the typical fluffy style but still remain plush and soft. They have thick “spined” tails, and lack ears- having head spines instead. Eyelashes are often present. The spines of a snugglesaurus are made of felt/similar fabric, leading to a different texture. They are one of the newer models and have a different visual direction than past iterations as a result of experimentation.

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