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Name: Dad
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: ????
Species: Tiny Cat Person (Dad Type)
Height: 2 inches
Home Zone: TCP Plane

Dad is a dad type TCP spawned by Void in Void Session. She is an incredibly short TCP with a built-in tie and overall fatherly demeanor.

Being a dad type TCP, Dad can generate a passive aura that influences others around her to listen to her above all else. This aura also creates a deep sense of satisfaction in the target when they perform the task and receive praise from her.

Dad's position on the Void Team is one of leadership, and her overall strategy consists of using her ability to get other enemy TCPs to stand down and potentially turn rogue, as well as wielding weapons capable of both dealing damage and inducing disabling status effects such as stun. She also has a mech allowing her to traverse terrain easier and gain a better vantage point, referred to as the Dadwalker.

Project Appearances

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Dad is a headstrong TCP who prioritizes her family above all else, and is unwilling to take half measures when it comes to protecting them. She takes her job as a leader seriously, even if she has her doubts about whether she can fulfill that role successfully. She gravitates to stereotypical dad-like activities such as grilling, though it is unsure whether this is a result of her typing, the activities and items presented to her by Void, or just her personality. She can be quick to frustrate in times of stress, but is typically willing to put that aside in order to help calm her family down and try to make the right decisions.



Dad sees Void as a parental figure, and while they initially got off to a rough start, Dad trusts them on a deep level, and considers them to be someone she can confide in. Using the Mask of Courage regularly to talk with them, Dad is in direct communication the most out of anyone on Void's team, and takes her role as their leader very seriously. She is always willing to critique their strategy and give feedback, often leading to healthy back and forth between the two of them during their Mask-based sessions.


Dad sees Primus as her son, and wants the best for him in life. She applauds his brave and curious nature, but does worry for his health and somewhat naive heart. She encourages him regularly and has been willing to support him on endeavors like his date with Lover, even when out of her depth.


Dad sees Buddy as her child, and wants to protect it from the dangers of the world. While Dad believes that Buddy is a capable TCP who is very much able to succeed in life on its own, she is also aware of the fact that it has its own set of struggles due to its typing and anxious nature, and wants to give any needed support.


Dad's feelings for Marnet are complicated, but it is clear that she does not see the lobster type as a direct family member, but it has been hinted that she potentially harbors some form of romantic feelings towards her. The two of them share a (relative) lot of time together, and they get along swimmingly.


Dad wants Jasper to fit into the Void Team as best as they can, but knows not to push them into anything they don't want to do. She tries her best to help the phantom type feel more at home around the rest of the team, and the two have a potentially budding friendship.


Dad has only met Devil briefly on Primus' date with Lover, but was fairly intimidated by her and her blunt nature. The two share mutual respect all the same, and both of them shared a moment over their respective experiences with budding romance.

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