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As an open species, TCPs are open for everyone to make! This service is for people to get custom TCPs with “official” designs, and also to help us here on the team pay bills. You don’t need to know anything about Morbit to make and enjoy tiny cat people, and as long as you’re not making money off of or selling these guys, you’re free to do or change anything you want. (Trading + gifts are a-okay, though!)

Your resulting TCP will come with two images: a flat, multi-view ref, and a shaded base image! TCPs will have two prices listed- one for everyone, and one specifically for Patrons, using the credit given to $10+ pledgers. these discounts are a reward for helping us out as a team, and Patrons will also have options unavailable for regular commissions. If you’re interested in pledging, please check our Patreon out! We contribute as much content as we can each month (though some months are busier than others), and you can get a lot more rewards than just TCPs.

Email (or contact us via Discord) to order- if by email, please put “TCP Commission” somewhere in the subject line!


There are a growing number of artists you can choose to draw your TCPs, ranging from other Homebrew Deviants members to some of the other people in Rin's system! Each of them has their own unique art style that can really give your TCP that added touch of uniqueness. Prices are the same regardless of which artist you choose.

You can view a full list of available TCP artists here. Be sure to specify who you'd like to draw your TCP when ordering!

Basic TCPs

Basic tiny cat people are as the name would imply, very simple! They are single type TCPs that are recolored on the same type base, with no anomalies, conditions, or modifiers. These are the most affordable kind of TCP, and are a great option if you’d like to commission a new type.

Existing Base $15.00
New Base $25.00


You can choose to order a custom off of an existing base found in the TCPdex, or order a completely new TCP type. You will not have input on the actual type design due to TCP types being Morbit canon once established, but you will receive a text writeup on the overall look and ability before confirming that it’s the type you want. As such, feel free to suggest multiple types to be elaborated on, and pick the one that feels right for you. Once completed, the base will be added to the TCPdex and can be ordered at a lower price from then on. By discovering new TCPs, you not only help us expand our world, but diversify what TCPs are available to everyone! If a type has a free to use reference available, you can also color + customize that, and we can give you a quote on how much it would cost to base that. TCP types of your own design (image only, please!) will also be valid for basing, but will not be accepted into our “official” Morbit canon. These will also require a price quote.

Once you’ve given us the types you’d like details on, and confirm what TCPs you want based, you can proceed to the next step.


Once you have your TCP base confirmed and completed, it’s time to pick colors. Regular TCPs have set markings and number of colors possible for those markings, though for an extra fee, you can have completely custom markings with no palette limit. If you'd like custom markings on your TCP, please refer to the “Designer” modifier! It's an easy addition to any TCP, and can really help your TCP stand out.

We personally prefer to work within five colors or less, but gradients are easy enough and we can do our best to fit exactly what you want. Input on colors and markings is completely possible at this stage, and WIPs will be given until a desired result is achieved.

Congrats! you now have a TCP of your very own!

However, if you’re looking for something a little more unique…head to the hybrid section!

Hybrid TCPs

Hybrid TCPs are a special case, rarely spawning on Morbit…more often, they're artificially created through fusion or other means. Though their origins are usually traumatic, hybrids exist just as happily in society as any other TCP, and can live fulfilling, albeit far stranger, lives.

These tiny cat people have unique abilities created through combining the types they consist of, and no two hybrids are the same. As such, your new hybrid TCP will have a completely unique base, shared with no other! Design input is accepted at all stages of the commission process, to make sure that your hybrid comes out just right. For each type added to the hybrid, you’ll pay extra regardless of whether they’re designed or not- designing new types for hybrids takes time, and so does coming up with a cohesive combination of traits!

The maximum amount of types a hybrid can have is five, and after three types, the TCP becomes progressively more unstable, prone to body horror and issues with type interactions.

Base Price (2 types) $35.00
+ Per Type (Max 5 total) $15.00


Like basic TCPs, you will be given descriptions of any types you’re interested in, including overall physical description and ability. These do not need to be preexisting types, but any new types will be sketched and not based at the time of commissioning. As with basic TCPs, you will not have input on their designs or abilities.


Once you confirm which types will be put in the hybrid, you’ll have the option to provide input on the overall appearance/abilities of your TCP…or let us go wild with it! Back and forth is possible and encouraged, though you're more than welcome to let us take a crack at it and see what happens. Once a general idea is agreed on, you’ll receive an initial concept sketch of the design. This is the most flexible stage, and details can be tweaked as needed. once the sketch is decided upon, no more design tweaks can be made, and the TCP will be given a ref and based.


As with basic TCPs, you will now be given the markings and number of colors possible, unless the designer modifier is chosen. When that’s all done, you will have your hybrid completed! Enjoy!

Conditions, Modifiers, and Anomalies

Looking to add a bit more to your TCP? The possibilities are endless using our Conditions/Modifiers/Anomaly system! These three elements are additional features you can add to a TCP, and can do anything from small changes to give it a unique edge, to completely changing the TCP's look and abilities. Any TCP can have any of these added for an additional fee, making the limitations of tiny cat people only what you haven't thought of yet.

All three of these elements can be added to your TCP commission in tiers, determining how affected and/or how detailed you want the TCP to be. These elements will be added in during the sketch phase, and can be completely customized within the chosen tier. Unsure of what tier one of these would be? Ask! We'll be happy to give you a quote.


MinorUp to 3 stages, +$10 for every stage sketch, +$20 if basedUp to 3 stages, +$7.50 for every stage sketch, +$15.00 if basedUp to 3 stages, +$10 for every stage sketch, +$20 if based
IntermediateUp to 4 stages, +$10 for every stage sketch, +$20 if basedUp to 4 stages, +$7.50 for every stage sketch, +$15 if basedUp to 4 stages, +$10 for every stage sketch, +$20 if based
MajorUp to 5 stages, +$10 for every stage sketch, +$20 if basedUp to 5 stages, +$7.50 for every stage sketch, +$15 if basedUp to 5 stages, +$10 for every stage sketch, +$20 if based

Conditions are, well, conditions a TCP can have. These currently come in three types- Transformative, Experimental, and Malady. A transformative condition means that the TCP in question transforms in some way, typically in reversible stages. An experimental condition means that the TCP has been altered in some way, typically via a lab or experimental procedure. Malady conditions mean the TCP has contracted a specific, long term (or permanent) illness/disease. These conditions completely change the way a TCP behaves and interacts with the world, adding infinite story potential and making it a very unique TCP for you!

Condition tiers come in minor, intermediate, and major. Any TCP with a condition will come with the option to have the stages of said condition depicted in either sketch or based form. Sketches are a nice way to get things down quickly, and based allows you to get a lovely shaded sequence! The tier you pick determines how many stages you can get with your TCP, with beginning/end being mandatory.

At this time, new conditions cannot be added to the dex, and you're limited to what's listed.


New to the DexAdd $3.75Add $3.75Add $3.75Add $3.75Add $3.75Add $7.50Add $15.00N/A

Modifiers are extra traits a TCP can have, typically via adjectives. Any adjective goes so long as it isn't derogatory/harmful/copywritten, and will be added to the dex similar to types if applicable. Pre-existing modifiers cost less than new ones, and new ones *must be attached to a TCP commission.* This lets us have an example right from the start!

Modifier tiers come in minor, intermediate, and major. These tiers help determine how affected the TCP is by the modifier, and thus how much it deviates from the original base/design. A minor modifier is present on/in some of the TCP, intermediate is present on/in most of the TCP, and major is present on/in all of the TCP. For example, a slimy TCP could have slime just on its hands for minor, composed of slime for the lower half of its body for intermediate, and be made of slime for major. The possibilities are endless, and completely unique to you!

Texture modifiers change the texture of a TCP, pattern modifiers affect markings, shape modifiers change the overall shapes in a TCP's design, flavor changes the flavor of a TCP if consumed (often coming with physical changes in the process), mental modifiers change the way a TCP behaves, and material modifiers change what the TCP is composed of.

These modifiers will not affect a basic TCP's pose unless they're in the advanced category. Advanced modifiers completely change a TCP's abilities, appearance, and much more- making them a little more special and work intensive!

Designer modifiers are very special as well- they allow for completely custom markings/palettes to be made! A minor designer modifier can change the shapes of existing markings, an intermediate designer modifier lets you have custom markings with the palette limitations of the type(s) in question, and a major designer modifier gives you, as the client, complete control over the palette and markings, regardless of palette limitations or pre-existing markings.



Anomalies are the cherry on top when it comes to making unique TCP designs, and very simple. An anomaly means that the TCP deviates from the standards for their type, and can be anything under the sun. If you'd like a TCP with 6 legs instead of 2, or large lop ears, these are all possible! Form types with abstract eyespots, a creature type with an active ability, a weapon type with toy equivalents of their typing…the possibilities are endless. While similar to modifiers, anomalies will not be added to the dex outside of examples for what can be done, and allow you to customize your TCP just right.

Anomaly tiers come in minor, intermediate and major. These tiers help determine how much the anomaly varies from the type(s) standard. A minor anomaly works with something already there in the type design, such as longer legs, a tail based on typing, or a slight change to the ability. An intermediate anomaly changes the existing parts of a TCP, such as digitigrade legs, a more unique tail still based on typing, or a change to how the ability functions. A major anomaly completely changes a TCP, such as no legs/extra legs, a completely unique tail design, or a new ability entirely. The higher you go, the more flexibility you have!

TCPDex Entries

Of course, once you have your TCP, you'll probably want to know a little more about it! Any existing TCP can have an entry written for it for $10.00, or you can purchase an entry at the same time as you purchase a TCP! There are no restrictions for private dex entries, but if you want to see your TCP displayed as part of the official dex, there are a few rules:

  • No hurtful/harmful imagery
  • No NSFW/18+ content
  • No copyrighted material (a nonspecific reference is perfectly fine, however!)

Once your TCP is added to the dex, you can find it under Specimens in the Morbit section! Here's a handy link.


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