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Name: Clamour
Pronouns: She/They
Age: Late 20's
Species: Shorthair Karacel
Height: 7'0
Home Zone: Consumption
Project Appearances: Bellows (18+)

This article contains mentions of cult activity/ritual abuse, sex-related topics, and drugs. All sex-related content is kept extremely brief and undetailed, and specifics for that and ritual abuse will be spoilered.

Clamour is a shorthair karacel living in Bellows, Consumption, and features in Bellows as a main character. She is abnormally tall for a karacel, leading many to speculate that she is mutated. She wears comfortable clothing, primarily due to her chronic pain issues and personal tastes.

The following section contains mentions of cult activity and ritual abuse. Click to reveal contents.

Project Appearances

2020/02/21 00:50ringor mortis


The following section contains mentions of cult activity and ritual abuse. Click to reveal contents.

The following section contains a mention of sex-related topics, but is kept extremely brief and undetailed. Click to reveal contents.


Clamour is a very spiritual person, though she doesn't seem to subscribe to any particular religion. She is observant, guarded and paranoid, especially when off her medication. She is prone to noticing little things in people and is a little bit selfish in what she wants in life, but is used to things not going her way. She would like a relationship someday, but her trauma just seems to keep getting in the way.

She enjoys long winded stories (both telling and hearing them), and herbal/natural remedies.



Clamour and Chief are roommates, and tend to get high together a lot. She finds being near a god to be kind of cool, and is glad to have him as a roommate- she sees him as protection. She is, however, a little jealous of how close he and Spider are.


Clamour lives in Dragonfly's house. She tries to appear neutral around them.


Clamour and Spider are casual partners, with no romantic aspects involved.


Clamour and Torquil are friends.

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