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Burn Type

“The burn type appears, like many injury TCPs, to be in constant agony. Its voice is strained, and those left in stressful conditions may burn the environment around them…or their peers.”

ID: 0022
Type: Burn
Category: Body
Height: 11 inches
Max Health: GOOD (5)

Burn types can generate a burn on any surface, with more severe burns costing health. This is often painful when used on living creatures, and the exact effect varies depending on the material this ability is used on. While it cannot actually generate flame, the area affected will behave as if exposed to flame- wood will blacken, paint will peel, and skin will blister.
Physical Appearance: Burn types are tall, slender TCPs with elongated necks and digitigrade legs. Their skin is blistered and scabbed in places, but normal in others. They have a single dot eyespot and pointed earnubs.
Voice: Hissing and ragged groaning.
Skin: Standard skin with patches of blisters or scabs. Hot to the touch.
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Burn types do best in environments away from flammable materials- even if they do not catch objects on fire, burning objects accidentally can cause distress and guilt. Some burn types do find stress relief in burning small objects, such as scraps of paper or pieces of food. Burn types are very solitary, and prefer to remain in small groups if grouped at all. They will often toast their food type products before eating them, and gravitate towards meats. The blistering areas of a burn type's skin are sensitive to the touch, and can cause great agony if injured.

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