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Dehydration Type

“Dehydration types are surprisingly playful…one would expect this sort of typing to be more serious or even intimidating, but many of our specimens seem to like playing games with their ability, or even using it creatively.”

ID: 0077
Type: Dehydration
Category: Body
Height: 10 Inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

Dehydration types can sacrifice health to remove the moisture from any being or object that they touch. The removed moisture will temporarily enter the dehydration type's own body, but it will dissipate over time.
Physical Appearance: Dehydration types are tall, thin TCPs with long arms and digitigrade legs. Their skin tends to wrinkle and crack in places where it bends and flexes the most, such as around the shoulders or lower torso. They have long necks, small triangular earnubs, and dot eyespots.
Voice: Crunching and rustling.
Skin: Shriveled up standard skin.
Fluid: Very sparse, dried up and crusty fluid.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Dehydration types do well in hot, arid environments, and while small, measured amounts of moisture can be comforting to them, they are uncomfortable in environments where humidity and liquids are especially prominent. They are known to suck the moisture out of things for amusement and comfort- it appears that the liquid taken temporarily enters their own bodies, before it is dried up. As such, an excess can cause distress, due to how it changes how their very internal fluid feels. They are social TCPs that enjoy the company of others, especially those who respect their ability and preferences. This typing prefers dry food type products, though they seem to get a thrill out of sucking the moisture out of other food type products before eating. It isn't uncommon for these TCPs to seek out heat lamps or sunny spots, and are prone to sunbathing.

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