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Fireplace Type

“Cozying up by a fireplace type is an excellent way to get warm, and many TCPs finding themselves in cold weather are drawn to them when present.”

ID: 0889
Type: Fireplace
Category: Storage
Height: 7.25 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Fireplace types can store fire indefinitely, with their logs never truly running out. If a fire burns all available fuel, the logs will begin to regenerate, and supporting the fire with external fuel in the meantime is a good way to ensure it stays lit until the logs return. Fireplace types can also light and extinguish their own fires without needing to touch them.
Physical Appearance: Fireplace types have a rectangular prism shape. They have two arms and two short legs. They have dot eyespots and trapezoidal-prism shaped earnubs. Fireplace types have a ledge on their base and a mantle below their eyespots. In their center rests a cavity where a couple of logs sit. Fireplace types brickwork around this cavity is protected by a layer of metal. Their majority of their body is divided into separate bricks, including their arms.
Voice: Crackling, roaring flames.
Skin: Rough brick, smooth stone, as well as scorched metal.
Fluid: None.
Special Attributes: Data pending.
Other Notes: Fireplace types prefer indoor environments, particularly in cold areas, where their nature as a heat source can be useful and appreciated. Some do choose to live outside, though those that do require a significant amount of experience to face dangers. Many fireplace types typically take comfort and pride in their ability to store fires indefinitely, and find their calling in supporting TCP settlements that require heat and light. They are a social TCP typing, though it's been observed that they enjoy down time after their fires have been put out. Fireplace types tend to enjoy dry food type products, particularly those that are flammable, and avoid liquid food types. While this typing is rarely affected by the cold themselves, they do seem to take comfort in having their own fires lit.

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