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Ocean Type

“While ocean types are not as large as one would expect, they are still quite sizable, and often have trouble fitting into even TCP-based societies due to this and their liquid nature.”

ID: 0049
Type: Ocean
Category: Nature
Height: 7 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

Ocean types can sacrifice health in order to create water over a large area. This water takes the form of whatever appropriately considered seawater to the local area.
Physical Appearance: Ocean types have an irregular shape with cascading waves of water running down their entire body from their shoulders. They have two arms and no legs. They have eyespots with two curves and swirl-shaped earnubs. They have markings along their waves.
Voice: Waves crashing and splashing.
Skin: A thin membrane.
Fluid: Seawater.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Ocean types vastly prefer outdoor, seaside biomes, and are most at home by the ocean itself. One would expect an ocean type to have difficulty swimming due to being made of water themselves, but thanks to the thin membrane containing their body, they have no trouble (unless punctured). They are a solitary typing that prefers company to be in small doses and with trusted people, though those they allow close to them often experience a very deep relationship. They prefer salty and sweet food type products, akin to what you would find along a boardwalk. Some ocean types long for things to be suspended in their internal waves, typically along the lines of sand or sea life- though this is not particularly advised.

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