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“Data pending.”

ID: S096
Type: Space/Anatomic Surrealism
Category: Nature/Body
Pronouns: Data pending.
Height: 11.5 inches
Ability: Aether can sacrifice health to create cross sections in objects and living things, filling the cross section with celestial objects.
Physical Appearance: Aether is a large TCP with an elongated neck and digitigrade legs. Their body is entirely black with a long, tapering tail and glowing burn wounds on various places on their body. They have wing-shaped earnubs, a worried-looking eyespot with a pupil, and a chunk of their face removed around where the other eyespot would be, replaced with a small, floating planet. Aether has openings on their body leaking fluid, such as along their neck, on their stomach, hands, and tail.
Voice: Data pending.
Skin: Standard skin.
Fluid: Purple cosmic dust with smalll, glowing, cyan-colored celestial objects mixed in.
Special Attributes: Modifiers: Burnt (minor)
History: Data pending.
Personality: Data pending.
Other Notes: Community-owned TCP. Bot-generated and commissioned by AceOfNothing.


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