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Name: Alloy
Pronouns: He/They
Age: Immortal, ????, frozen at age 10 mentally
Species: Greater God
Height: 4'0
Domains: Youth and Academics
Motifs: Robotics
Home Zone: Wonder

Alloy is a greater god claiming and ruling over the zone of Wonder with the help of his council. He is snakelike and robotic in appearance, and is a relatively small greater god at about four feet tall.

Project Appearances


Alloy was created by Wax to be the deity counterpart to Velvet, and the two developed a sibling dynamic quickly, with Wax and Wane acting as somewhere between parent and grandparent figures in their atypical “family” dynamic. Alloy was given a council of demons that Wax personally selected to help him run his zone, and Alloy grew skilled at gauging their characters even with his younger disposition.

Alloy created The Selected as a collaboration with Rein.

Robotic constructs and similar technology are as prominent in Taverne and its surrounding areas (such as Plaza) as they are due to being reverse engineered from Alloy's motif, a phenomenon found in many Morbit zones. Due to god motifs often having concepts not yet existing on the planet itself at the time of the god being created, this kind of anachronistic effect can become common, and robots have existed in varying forms for centuries thanks to Alloy's presence.

Alloy is capable of aging, and has aged slightly since being created- he has decided to grow slowly, and experience the process over the course of many centuries, as it is “something that can only be experienced once!” (something that has gotten the comment of “wiser than his years…”)


Alloy is childlike at first glance, but incredibly smart for his “age” and very friendly to all who approach him with kindness. He promotes learning and sharing with those who are willing to listen, and does not have a religion so much as a few stray sayings and teachings and book recommendations. He spends much of his time helping come up with ideas for new facilities to help education in his zone and planning cities, something he takes a particular special interest in.

Alloy has a collection of model cities that he treasures more than any other possesion, and uses robotic limbs to help work on and play with them.



Alloy sees Wax as a familial figure, akin to somewhere between a father and a grandfather. He is grateful for the high god's love and spends time regularly visiting and talking with him about life and how running Wonder is going, even giving tips on how to plan expansions and changes for Hearth.


Alloy saw Wane as a familial figure, akin to somewhere between a mother and a grandmother. Their death distressed him on a deep and personal level, and he still suffers night terrors and flashbacks to this day ever since the news. While the two were not as close as Alloy and Wax were, and Wane's brash nature was prone to making him uncomfortable at times, the loss was not insignificant, and is still felt.


Alloy saw Velvet as a familial figure, akin to a sister. The two were inseparable before Velvet's death, and worked together on almost everything (to the point of much of their zones' politics, celebrations, and everything in between being handled together). They had their sibling rivalries and spats at times, but the death of Velvet impacted Alloy more than anything else, with Alloy going quiet and reserved for a full year before resuming his activities as a leader after her death (though at a much slower pace).


Alloy sees Grind as a familial figure, akin to an uncle. Grind visits regularly, and the two share a mentor/student-like bond and a love of how things work.


Alloy would see Wretch as a familial figure if the two of them had pretty much any contact at all, but due to her finding him mildly nerve-wracking to be around, the two don't have much of a relationship.


Alloy sees Spit as a former familial figure (namely an aunt), but has revoked that kind of relationship due to her betrayal of devouring Velvet and Wane. Despite being young and from the first glance, fairly naive and “innocent”, Alloy's hatred of Spit runs deep, and those close to him in the council know that his studies involve more than a few ways to have her ideally removed from the pantheon someday- and sooner, rather than later.


Alloy sees Rein as a familial figure, akin to an uncle. They were very close prior to Wane and Velvet's deaths, with the two of them collaborating on The Selected species. Their relationship has been seriously damaged by Rein's insistence on rehabilitating Spit, something that Alloy cannot understand despite his wanting to believe Rein's good intentions. The two do not talk much since.

Alloy's Council

No characters on Alloy's council have been named yet, but they are all mortals that rotate in and out of demonhood on a regular basis and help with both personal and political matters.