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Name: Obscura
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 23
Species: Tiny Cat Person (Pinata Type)
Home Zone: Hoopla

Obscura is a pinata type TCP with a minor designer modifier and a major nightmarish modifier, and an employee of the company Toon Hell. His role as a staff member is to interact directly with contestants of The Gauntlet, helping to run the dormitories and confessionals. He is fairly new to the company and was not “hired” willingly, leading him to become jaded and hopeless about his situation.

Being a pinata type TCP, Obscura has paper flaps covering a hard shell and is filled with candy. Due to his nightmarish modifier, a second layer exists under his skin with more visible nightmarish traits. His disguise can crack under large amounts of stress, revealing the eerie appearance underneath and unleashing an aura of distress to all near him. In addition, when in this nightmare form, the air around him becomes cold, sometimes unbearably so. Obscura hates this form and avoids entering it whenever possible.

Project Appearances

2020/02/20 23:39ringor mortis


Obscura was spawned in Hoopla and grew up fairly alone, wandering the streets and keeping to himself. It wasn't until he met Dropdead that he found true companionship, falling in love with her and eventually, proposing. His relationship with Dropdead became strained once she was brought more heavily into the Gauntlet project, but he remained loyal to her and enjoyed their secret dates on the town.

It is currently unknown as to how Obscura became a part of Toon Hell, but he was not brought on willingly, and it's heavily implied that his “employment” is being used as blackmail for Dropdead.


Obscura can come off as cold and unfriendly to other contestants, but has attempted at times to interact with them and become a part of the group. His employment at Toon Hell has caused his overall mood to lower drastically from before working there, making him somewhat snappy if the situation calls for it.

Before joining Toon Hell, Obscura enjoyed reading and writing, and had written many love letters (typically composed of poetry) for Dropdead over the course of their relationship.



Obscura and Dropdead are married, having done so in secret when Obscura was 20. Obscura loves Dropdead, even if he cannot admit it in his current situation. He considers himself a liability to her and knows that if he wasn't in her life, she would not have (as much) blackmail to deal with, and has even gone as far as to ask Hayball to erase his memory and make it so that she wouldn't be tied to him anymore. It is unknown whether Obscura would actually go through with this if Hayball hadn't refused outright.

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