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Horror Crust Type

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ID: 0640
Type: Horror Crust
Category: Nature
Height: 7 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

At the sacrifice of health, horror crust types can manipulate horror radiation originating from the horror crust layer.
Physical Appearance: Horror crust types are large and round. They have a rocky crust on their shoulders and head, which form their earnubs. They have four large, white eyespots that drip slightly, which lie inside a mask-like cut-out in their rocky crust. The remainder of their body is black, dripping horror sludge, leaking through the crust at some points. They have two arms and two legs.
Voice: Cracking and dripping.
Skin: Vantablack horror sludge and craggy rock.
Fluid: Horror sludge.
Special Attributes: Horror crust types spawned within sessions are spawned completely inert.
Other Notes: None.

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