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Hybrids are people with parents of two different species.

Hybrid Compatibility

can reproduce sexually with any applicable species

Aquatic Species, Beatfox, Comber, Corvice, Conedia, De'moneres, Dragons, Dopple, Fiends, Gummi Catfish, Karacel, Masques, Mothlie, Neuroth, OBJ, Pinitelles, Proximities, Pockitts, Ruffneck, Shrouds, Skippers, The Selected, Vegicrus,

can reproduce sexually within species

Courier, Dopples, Elementals, Fiends, Proximities


can use magic to reproduce with nearly any species

Birdtaurs, Centinel, Conedia, Elemental, Fiends, Proximites, Wizits

Use magic or other means to reproduce within/reproduce more members of own species

Barebones, Gremlins, Tauntamounts

Do not reproduce/ reproduce with others at all

Tiny Cat People, Snuglins, Fallow's Constructs

Unknown, move later (requires more specifics/info in general):

Shivers' Species → (Basically all species are viable for hybrids except for Constructs)

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