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Support Type

“Support types have no trouble finding work due to their ability- any niche that requires an extra helper will gladly take on a support type to help.”

ID: 0235
Type: Support
Category: Abstract
Height: 7.5 inches.
Max Health: PERFECT (8)
Ability: HELPING HAND- At the cost of health, support types can enter an ascended state where any activity directly helping someone will have increased chance of succeeding. This can include a heavy weight being made significantly lighter, the taste of a meal coming out more to the chef's goals, an art piece reaching completion faster, etc. The more significant and prolonged the task is, the more health needs to be expended, while small tasks will cost nothing.
Physical Appearance: In an unascended state, support types have a standard body, albeit with large, thick arms. They have mitten hand-like earnubs that extend out to the side, round abstract eyespots with large pupils, and stripes along the ears and limbs. While ascended, their pupils become rings, and they acquire a thin, flower-like halo along with extra arms.
Voice: Gentle, soothing vocalizations.
Skin: Standard skin, though slightly warm to the touch.
Fluid: Standard fluid with thin, scalloped confetti.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Support types enjoy populated areas and seem to appear more frequently in cities and near tourist attractions. They can adapt easily where they are needed. They mostly enjoy group activities, and love getting to work with other cats, so it's common to see one involved on sports teams, or in hiking parties. While support types don't usually take on leadership roles, they do make excellent teachers, and help others feel how even the smallest of accomplishments is important. They are usually very social cats, and love being able to build others up. This does make them people pleasers, and many find themselves taken advantage of or struggling with their self-image. Support types usually like food type products that can be used as a vehicle for condiments, like chips and dip or fries and ketchup. Many will pick a favorite condiment or side and insist they need it on everything. Support types have made many appearances as fashion consultants, struggling to make their own looks but having an easy time suggesting what complements even the strangest of outfits.

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