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Name: Buddy
Pronouns: It/Its
Age: ????
Species: Tiny Cat Person (Knife Type)
Home Zone: TCP Plane

Buddy is a knife type TCP spawned by Void in Void Session. It is gray and covered in a soft, velvety texture, with pink markings on its cheeks. As with all knife types, it has blades protruding from its body and open fluid wounds, though the position and number of these knives depends on the Void Session act in question. Due to these knives, Buddy also experiences chronic pain, and must manage its condition with the help of Void and its family.

While considered the gentlest TCP on Void's team, Buddy is also the first TCP to directly experience violence in combat, and is trained in using blades and close quarters combat.

Project Appearances

2020/02/02 12:36knux 400


Buddy was the second TCP spawned by Void in Void Session, and startled Primus with its sudden and intimidating appearance. The two became fast friends, however, and settled into life together without much fuss or issue. Buddy has struggled with its chronic pain


Buddy is a quiet TCP who does not say much, though it becomes more vocal over the course of Void Session as its confidence improves. It is prone to stimming and sensory seeking, though open environments and harsh sensation can be too much for it at times. Buddy has some insecurity issues regarding its body and chronic pain condition, and has expressed hesitance about its typing. It has voiced the want for everything to be okay and sincerely believes that the Void alliance can win the session without killing anyone, and that everyone can end up being friends, even if people get hurt in the process. It wants to prove itself as a capable person to both its team and itself, and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve its goal of a happy ending.

Buddy likes soft, comforting things, and has a large collection of plushes and art supplies. It seems content with being treated gently, as long as it is considered capable and not babied.



Buddy sees Void as a parental figure, and is grateful that they spawned it into this session and are willing to take care of it as well as they do. Even so, they have expressed some worry about the way they lead, and are not entirely uncritical of their actions, and are not afraid to speak up against their behavior. Buddy is also spoiled rotten by them, but it doesn't seem to let that give it a bias.


Buddy sees Primus as a sibling figure, and is always happy to spend time with him. The two are very close thanks to spawning within a short time period of each other, and trust each other completely. It is willing to go as far as it takes to protect him, and is well aware that he would do the same for it in a heartbeat. It does worry about him and his adventurous nature, though.


Buddy sees Dad as a father figure, and looks up to her a lot. Buddy can go to Dad for advice and reassurance about anything, though it does occasionally feel insecure about being the second in command and being in her (very small) shadow. It wants to make her proud, and will do what it takes to do so.


Buddy is not as close to Marnet as Dad or Primus, but still sees her as a familial figure and wants to get to know her better. It takes comfort in her strong presence and knows that in a bad situation, they will always be able to support each other.


Buddy doesn't entirely know what to make of Jasper yet, but sees them as a potential family member and sibling figure, if they choose to reciprocate. It wants to protect them and soothe their worries about the session and Void's competence, and assure them that things will be okay.


Buddy doesn't understand Slop one bit, having had a rocky start involving insults and both Slop and Marnet entering a sort of punching match. Still, maybe they can be friends, if Slop's confusing mixed messages have anything to do with it.


Buddy wants to prove to Lady that it has leaderly qualities, even if it's only second in command! It has a lot of respect for Lady, and wants to hopefully get that respect in kind.


This section contains spoilers for Act 3 of Void Session, and include mentions of violence. Click to reveal contents.

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