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Cupcake Type

“Cupcake types are probably the most prominent example of a food type with an inedible component- the wrapper around their base, while part of their body, cannot be eaten. Cupcake types must be careful to avoid tearing it when they feed other TCPs.”

ID: 0987
Type: Cupcake
Category: Food
Height: 3 inches.
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Cupcake types can break off chunks of their body to feed to other TCPs, providing them with a health boost and an energizing effect.
Physical Appearance: Cupcake types are shaped like a cupcake. They have two arms and two legs, all covered in the cupcake liner that covers their lower body. They have large round eyespots that are made of a sprinkle each and small round earnubs that are sculpted from their icing. They have various other sprinkles decorating their icing, as well as a large candy at the peak.
Voice: Icing plopping and squishing.
Skin: Baked cupcake.
Fluid: Either cupcake or various individual cupcake fillings.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Data pending.

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