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Scraps are parts of the soul that every living thing on Morbit creates, plant and animal alike. Beings shed scraps over time that contain energy, memories, and emotions related to personal events. In addition, every being has an “affinity” for a specific type of scrap. This affinity can change with time or with events that significantly alter an individual. Shed scraps will often be the same or otherwise related to an individuals affinity. Scraps can be observed or interacted with by varying degrees of “scrap sensitive” people.


Scraps form in the body as related memories and emotions cluster and build up, a process called budding. These scrap buds are shed as a result of closure, realization, or change in the person's life, regardless of how big the event is in the long run. Scrap memories have varying amounts of clarity depending on how important the memory was to the person who shed it. Everyone sheds scraps in their life, even if their life seems simple.

A scrap's energy depends on the strength of the emotions and the distinctness of the memories in a scrap. Scraps have far more energy than shreds on average and will replenish any pulled energy over time. Thus, it's possible to use scraps as an infinite energy source as long as they are given time to recharge, never losing their strength.

Scraps are released into the environment when shed but do not take emotions or memories away from the person that shed them, barring an extremely rare condition. Similar scraps can combine into a larger, more powerful scrap. Hospitals, schools, and graveyards are examples of naturally scrap-heavy locations. Scraps are also shed when a being dies and can attach to the corpse.

Scraps have “typings” as materials, such as meat, cloth, lightning, or color. They resemble orbs composed of their typing to scrap-sensitives that can see them. People have scrap affinities based on internal motifs, which are highly personal to the being in question. These motifs can be tangible or abstract, such as a cloud motif for someone whose mind often wanders. Scrap affinities can change over time as the person develops and grows. Some people can have multiple scrap affinities simultaneously, most often seen in gods and their demons.

Scraps can even be shed by plants, and these scraps tend to be more passive than scraps shed by creatures.

Scrap Clusters

Scraps can join with similar scraps to form larger, powerful cluster scraps. The emotions and memories in a cluster scrap can mix or jumble together. Cluster scraps have amplified power and emotions and can create new uses for the component scraps. The combined scraps do not have to come from the same person.

Similar scraps naturally attract towards each other, but scraps can also be forced or coaxed together. Scraps that are too different from each other to merge naturally can still be forced together, but will generally resist doing so. Forcibly merging scraps requires preparation, and inexperienced scrap users pose a danger to themselves by attempting to force scraps together.

When enough scraps are clustered together, they form a being known as a scrap ghost. Scrap ghosts have varying degrees of sapience and range from performing echoes of their memories to having full consciousness and independence. Scrap ghosts become visible to everyone if strong enough and may be able to interact directly with the world around them. A scrap ghost's appearance varies but draws from the contents of all of their scraps.

Scrap Sensitivity

About 20% of Morbit's population is some degree of scrap sensitive.

  • 10% of people can sense scraps to some degree. This often manifests as a “gut feeling”, often dismissed as having a weird sense of intuition.
  • 5% of people can see scraps, but can't interact with them. Some of these sensitives track scrap locations.
  • 3% of people can touch and interact with scraps, but can't manipulate them. These sensitives can make a living selling scraps to scrap users.
  • 2% of people can manipulate scraps and perform magic. These people are known as “scrap users” or “wizards” and have varying levels of skill.
  • Other combinations of scrap sensitivity exist, such as being able to manipulate but not see scraps. Scrap sensitivity varies as much as people do!

Scrap users often keep their powers hidden from public society out of fear of ostracization or being targeted. Communities of scrap users exist everywhere, some more visible than others - however, many scrap users choose to go solo. Because of this, most of the scrap-insensitive world doubts that scraps and scrap users exist. Gods often see rogue scrap users as threats and don't take kindly to them.


Scrap users pull from the energy, memories, and emotions stored in a scrap to conduct magic. These scrap users may be born with a natural talent for scrap manipulation and/or develop their skills over time. In general, scrap users have an easier time manipulating scraps of the same type as their affinity.

Scrap users can view and skip around the memories inside a scrap, pulling from specific aspects of the memory to create magic forms. The emotions in a scrap correspond to “ideal” usage. For example, channeling anger into a weapon. High-energy scraps create more powerful magic, but are hard to utilize; scraps shed from violent events can be especially traumatizing for the user.

Some people cannot manipulate scraps directly, but can mount scraps onto objects, These people are known as witches. The mounted object can develop strange qualities related to the scrap, only visible to other scrap sensitives. This form of magic usage can be more controlled than standard magic.

Scraps can also mount onto objects on their own, generally related to the contents of the scrap. Severed limbs and body parts from a person will always have scraps mounted on them.

Some say that scrap users can take on a scrap form during times of desperation.

Examples of Scrap Users

  • Bucket Judgment: Illusion affinity, natural sensitive.
  • Eastwood: Crystal + smoke affinity, sensitive through godhood.
  • Flynt: Smoke affinity, natural sensitive, jack-of-all-trades scrap user.
  • Leo: Light affinity, natural sensitive.
  • Rein: Chain + cloth affinity, sensitive through godhood.
  • Anya Artag: Horror affinity, sensitive through demonhood.
  • Carrie: Crystal + blood affinity, sensitive through demonhood.
  • Spit: Meat + smoke affinity, sensitive through godhood.
  • Dysthanasia: Line affinity, sensitive through godhood.

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