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“The first TCP of any session tends to be rather tone setting, unintentionally or otherwise. Tent is an interesting pick for a collective god who, presumably, has no idea what the game even is…it seems to suit this TCP well, at least…”

ID: S003
Type: Tent
Category: Storage
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 8 inches
Ability: Like all tent types, Primus can store smaller TCPs inside his chest cavity and slowly heal them over time.
Physical Appearance: Primus is an orange TCP with a blue flap on his torso and a white zipper on his face with a blue pull tab. He has small dot eyespots and small, round earnubs.
Voice: Whistling sounds.
Skin: Tough fabric, with softer linen on the inside of the pockets.
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
History: Primus was the first TCP created by Voidsy. He lives in a wizard tower in the center of the forest with his team. As the session is currently ongoing, we are waiting to receive updates from our sources before updating this entry.
Personality: Primus is curious, enthusiastic, and very excitable. He loves exploring and seeing new things, and enjoys spending time with his friends. Most of the time Primus maintains a positive, upbeat personality, although he can become upset if the situation gets too serious. Primus is slightly reckless, jumping into situations without necessarily thinking, but he usually comes out okay.
Other Notes: In earlier reports from our sources, Primus was described as having a small tail, but it seems to be absent in more recent reports. It's unknown where it went, and is not included in this entry.


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