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Teddy Bear Type

“The limbs of a teddy bear type have far less articulation than other TCP types, but they seem to get on just as well. Their stuffing filled bodies keep them from sustaining significant injuries, so a few falls aren't worth worrying over.”

ID: 0366
Type: Teddy Bear
Category: Creature
Height: 4 inches
Max Health: GOOD (5)

Teddy bear types generate a passive aura of warmth and comfort, along with the slight urge to hug things nearby.
Physical Appearance: Teddy bear types are small, plushlike TCPs with large cheeks, eyebrows, and a nose. Their arms and legs are jointed at the shoulders and hips. They have a large marking on their face and belly, as well as on the palms of their hands. There is an ornate bow on their neck, and stitching all throughout their body. They have large round ears and small dot eyespots.
Voice: Soft, pillowy thumping.
Skin: Soft, fuzzy felt.
Fluid: Cottonlike stuffing.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Teddy bear types vastly prefer indoor environments away from sharp objects, though some find themselves craving adventure. They seem to gravitate towards activities involving significant amounts of story and narrative, whether that's writing, drawing, or simply roleplaying and playing pretend. They are highly social, but seem to prefer having a few close friends that they spend a lot of time with. They tend to enjoy pastries, desserts, and sweets when it comes to food type products. Energy levels vary wildly with teddy bear types, with some being very energetic and others preferring to remain sedentary. It is a common misconception that teddy bear types are childish due to their toy-like appearance and gravitation towards pretend games, and they mature at the same rates of their peers.

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