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Wax, the high god of fear and imagination, created tiny cat people as his first ever sapient species, after millenia of being unable to decide on one.

The first variety of tiny cat people were referred to as “divine” TCPs. These TCPs existed on their own plane, created by gods playing a game meant to train them for actual zone management and leadership. The TCPs created in this game can form bonds with each other and their gods, but also face challenges, and at worst- war. Violence is common for them, but as Wax says; violence is common on Morbit itself, and a god's true skill can come from both being compassionate to their charges and helping them overcome the harshest of obstacles. The game became very popular among gods, and Wax eventually allowed other high gods to administrate sessions. Before long, pantheons all over the world began testing each other.

Due to the popularity of divine TCPs, Wax added an additional prize to the game- TCPs on winning teams could be taken out of their sessions. The divine TCPs adjusted well to their new lives, and Wax decided to create them not only as a species on their own plane, but on Morbit as well. Much to the chagrin of the rest of the world, he created TCPs outside of normal species rules- unable to reproduce in any typical way, but instead able to spawn at any point on the planet, be it on the surface, underground, or even underwater. He wanted to create a curious, friendly species able to rapidly adjust to the world, no matter what the conditions. Morbitian TCPs may be much weaker than divine TCPs, but they are no less persistent, and equally likely to form friendships with each other- and other species. He asserts that they are a species free of sin, born into the world out of pure thought and imagination, and even those who commit crimes and do harm, were not born evil.


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