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Journal Type

“While a journal type tends to contain more subjective thoughts than say, an encyclopedia type, they are valued heavily in their usefulness in biographical studies.”

ID: 0978
Type: Journal
Category: Form
Height: 3 inches.
Max Health: GOOD (5)

Journal types can sacrifice health to turn any object or being they touch into a book, the text within detailing the thoughts and memories of the target. Living beings are still conscious and aware of the transformation, and seem to have control of the opening and closing motion of the book- they can attempt to force themselves shut to resist being read, or sort of scoot around on their pages. Objects turned into a journal will either be blank, or have entries detailing the history of the object and how it has been used.
Physical Appearance: Journal types appear similar to a book with arms and legs at first glance, but in addition to pages inside, there is a small paper TCP head in the center. Additionally, journal types have a latch that can secure their covers together, locked by a small padlock, this padlock and latch are directly under the control of the individual journal type. The other pages inside a journal type contain detailed images and descriptions that directly relate to the TCP's current thoughts. The TCP can choose what page it wants to display at any given time but does not have full control over the contents of its pages- just as we often do not have full control of our own thoughts.
Voice: The sounds of pages turning and the scratch of a pen or pencil against paper.
Skin: Rigid sheets of felt.
Fluid: No fluid, but the pages within each journal type serve the same purpose.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Subtype of Book Type.

Journal types are a primarily indoor TCP typing, but some enjoy indulging a certain sense of wanderlust. Information archival is very important to these TCPs and their culture, no matter how mundane it may seem. They are fairly social, though some prefer to keep to themselves more often than not. Their energy levels are low when it comes to physical activity, but most of our specimens have impressive mental stamina. They enjoy dry food type products with little mess, and avoid liquids whenever possible. Journal type TCPs often find themselves as pillars of their community due to their knowledge storing efforts, and it's not hard to find them in library or museum work.

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