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“An experiment required an eyeball type to create its typing, spreading eyes across a room, in all the corners. The disorientation that followed sent chills down my spine. What must it be like, being all-seeing and never being able to turn it off?”

ID: 0018
Type: Eyeball
Category: Body
Height: 9 Inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Eyeball types can sacrifice health to create eyeballs on any surface. The eyeball type will be able to see out of any eyeball it has placed, and if placed on a living being, that being will also be able to see through it. They may create as many eyes as they like, and the target will still be able to see through them no matter what, but the eyeball type can only have 5 that they see through at a time. In order to accommodate for this fact, eyeball types may use a small amount of health to change which eyes it sees out of. They can never disable the eyes on their own body, but those also do not count towards the 5 eye limit.
Physical Appearance: Eyeball types have large bodies, with elongated arms, legs, and necks. Their face is replaced with a large eyeball, and they have several more forming a collar around their neck. Their hands and feet both have gradient-style markings.
Voice: Squishy plopping and rolling sounds.
Skin: Standard skin. The skin on the eyeballs is extremely smooth and wet to the touch.
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Eyeball types prefer soft, clean environments, so as not to damage their eyes. Similarly, eyeball types prefer activities that pose little risk to their typing, and grow nervous around sharp objects. Eyeball types are often solitary, but have been observed to form groups if the situation calls for it. Eyeball types typically gravitate towards consuming liquids, doing so through their hands instead of the usual facial absorption. Some eyeball types have changed their eye color with contacts, making waves in the body type fashion scene.

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