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Dr. Jane Fuller

Name: Dr. Jane Fuller
Pronouns: They/Them
Age: 35
Species: Wild Karacel
Height: 5'6
Home Zone: Precipice

This article contains mentions of Spit's cult, severe child abuse, and heavy content relating to Maybequest. Specifics will be spoilered and warned for.

Dr. Jane Fuller is a wild karacel working for The Menagerie in Precipice, and features in Maybequest. They are a doctor for Devil's Advocacy, and are a recruitable member of the escape party for the quest. They are an average height karacel with gray/blue fur, white hair and round blue eyes, often looking startled or squinting at people in a judging matter. They need glasses and while typically dressed in work attire, their “outfit of choice” when presented with escape clothes appears to be a traditional Precipice dress.

Project Appearances

2020/02/21 00:45ringor mortis


Fuller was born in The Menagerie as a part of the Devil's Advocacy project, but was quickly discovered to be immune to horror radiation. Instead of being culled, they were allowed to live as part of a control group, only to show prowess in studies and be taken on and trained as a doctor instead of living a life as a maybecat experiment.


Fuller is prone to sarcasm, snark, and outright dismissal of people's thoughts and feelings in most situations, and focuses on practicality and their own survival above all else. How far this self prioritization goes is unclear due to the fact that they've been helping people try to escape The Menagerie for some time now, but when faced with potential death, they visibly hesitate.

Despite this, they are willing to give advice on life outside of The Menagerie, and do seem to have some degree of concern for the group's success…though it is unclear on how much of this is due to them now being a part of it.



Doc Fuller finds May to be loud and intimidating, but is overall concerned for her psychological wellbeing…in a somewhat dimissive way.


Fuller does not trust Nelson at all, and considers him a potential psychological abuser at worst upon finding out about his relationship with May.


Fuller does not seem to have a particularly strong opinion on Dwayne.


Fuller respects Chance, most likely due to his knowledge of the outside world.

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