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Wireframe Type

“The career opportunities for wireframe types are numerous, their abilities both valued for sculpting, architecture, and engineering. Many professionals appreciate the versatility and precision they have, and many of my specimens find themselves hired quickly.”

ID: 0086
Type: Wireframe
Category: Form
Height: 6 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Wireframe types can turn any object they touch into a low-poly version of the object at the cost of health. These objects retain their shape, material, and general functionality, and will always have a black wireframe bordering all of their edges, much like the wireframe type itself.
Physical Appearance: Wireframe types have a body shape similar to a basic TCP, but appear as if they are a bad 3D rendering. They possess a wireframe around them, hugging all the polygonal edges of their body. Their hands, despite not being physically connected, are held in place with a sort of magnetic field that appears to be active as long as the TCP is alive. The hands cannot be pulled further than about arm's length from the TCP, and attempting to do so will cause it great pain, very much as if you tried to pull a basic TCP's arm off.
Voice: Warbling noises, almost a sort of “wip-wop” sound.
Skin: The same rubbery texture as standard skin, but completely rigid.
Fluid: Low-poly liquid that behaves like standard fluid while sharing the characteristics of the rest of the TCP.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: None

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