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Name: Ashton
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 34 (Sleepwalker)
Species: Vitriole De'moneres
Height: 7'10 Home Zone: Monte

Ashton is a vitriole de'moneres working for Stope's personal mob administration as a professional interrogator, and features in Vest Party: Sleepwalker. He styles his hair and is sharply dressed no matter what occasion, though due to the nature of his profession, those outfits tend to be destroyed and replaced frequently. He has steel cheek piercings, presumably to mimic Leo's own freckles. His heart shaped tail has a diamond cut out, though it is unknown whether such a thing is indicative of mixed morph heritage or some kind of a modification.

Project Appearances

2020/02/21 00:00 ringor mortis


Ashton comes from a rich vitriole family, the exact history and whereabouts of which unknown- the only details known to his peers being that they feed him even more money than the funds he already gets from his luxurious mob position.


Ashton is a rude and loud mouthed man, not caring whether people hear what he has to say about them (unless it has an actual serious repercussion that money can't buy him out of). He has a violent streak expressed through his career, with many of his interrogations going far, far past the line of what's necessary to extract the information or payment needed from their targets. He is unpleasant to be around for most people, and those who do enjoy his company are typically those to be avoided.



Ashton is (at the time of Sleepwalker) in a relationship with Leo, albeit an unhealthy one built on spite and malice towards others than actual love or affection towards each other.


Ashton hates Flynt after their time working together, and is more than willing to bash him with Leo.


Ashton and Muriel have a strange and somewhat twisted friendship as the team interrogators.


Ashton and Melvin mutually look down on each other, and do not get along.


Ashton finds Huck boring, and does not care to spend much time or energy thinking about him.

Larry "Don" Stope

Ashton looks up to Stope, but has more than a large dose of fear for the man who holds his hefty paychecks.