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Computer Type

“Similarly to television types, computer types display images and video on their faces to express emotions and intent- no two computer types are the same in their choices.”

ID: 0037
Type: Computer
Category: Machine
Height: 5.5 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)
Ability: WORKING

Computer types can take in power and use it to answer any question you type in on the keyboard, displaying it on their screen. Any question that uses concrete terms (such as a math equation or a physics problem) will always be correct, even if the question would be too difficult for the TCP to process normally. With more abstract questions or questions that require specific information, answers become less accurate, although the TCP will always answer to the best of its ability.

Computer types will sometimes attempt to connect to any nearby information networks it can find in order to gain information, although the TCP will have no memory of doing so, nor will it retain any information gained from the connection once the question is answered. When answering a question via their ability, computer types are unable to lie- although it is possible to give them false information.

Computer types can also display information stored on floppy disks or other storage devices, and will prioritize information from a currently inserted drive over what they find on a network.
Physical Appearance: Computer types have a standard body shape, with a horizontal slit and keyboard protruding from their torso. Their head is cuboid, and their face is a monitor that seems to be able to display whatever kind of face the TCP chooses, although this is limited to faces only. They have pointed earnubs.
Voice: Electronic chirps and whirrs.
Skin: Smooth plastic. The monitor has a glasslike texture to it.
Fluid: Standard fluid, with circuitboards and wires inside.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Computer types enjoy safe, indoor environments with controlled temperatures, not unlike many other electronic typings. Many of these TCPs collect (if not outright hoard) various floppy disks and computer peripherals to mess around with and enjoy, but are not inclined towards physical activity. They are a highly social TCP typing, and will often communicate with other TCPs able to connect to the internet. Computer types are somewhat averse to eating food types in general, and if they absolutely must, they prefer solid typings with little amounts of liquid, crumbliness, or particularly strong temperatures. These TCPs can store various data files in their mind, and recall them at will.

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