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Aloe Vera Type

“Aloe vera types are great to have around when working on research on solar and stellar types. I've developed my fair share of sunburns from glowing sunshine types and having a buddy who can grow you a nice big leaf to soothe the skin is so handy.”

ID: 0913
Type: Aloe Vera
Category: Nature
Height: 4 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Aloe vera types can sacrifice health to create and control aloe vera plants.
Physical Appearance: Aloe vera types have a standard shape with a slim build. They have two arms and two legs. They have spikey eyespots and large, triangular earnubs. They have triangular leaves around their neck, cheeks, and on their head. They have spikes along their arms, leaves, and earnubs. They have variegated markings along their entire body.
Voice: Squishing and creaking.
Skin: Supple, plump succulent skin..
Fluid: Thick, clear aloe vera.
Special Attributes: Data pending.
Other Notes: Aloe vera types prefer to live in spaces with near-constant access to the sun and very infrequent but heavy rains, flourishing under these conditions. Some aloe vera types will utilize intense grow lamps in their domiciles to fulfill this need. Many aloe vera types utilize their ability in their careers, finding places in the development and production of skincare products as well as aloe-derived foodstuffs. Aloe vera types are very social and many enter hobbies that align with their preferred environment, having pet interests in herpetology, geology, and desert ecology; meeting and interacting with others that enjoy these hobbies. Aloe vera types enjoy food types of all kinds, but especially those with spicy flavors. Aloe vera types are immune to feeling the sensation of being burned, likely due to the conceptual association of their typings basis being soothing to burns. While the damage can still occur when they are burned, they do not feel the sensation nor pain and heal very quickly from any damage as a consequence of burning.

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