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Hive Type

“The kind of social insect stored within a hive type varies based on individual, with some species being completely unique to the hive type in particular. They're definitely of interest to biologists…”

ID: 0181
Type: Hive
Category: Storage
Height: 8.5 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Hive types have a small pocket dimension within them that is home to an indeterminate form of a eusocial insect colony.
Physical Appearance: Hive types resemble a large cartoon hive made out of stacked concentric rings. They have two arms and legs. They have small, curved earnubs and their eyespots are hexagonal holes. They have a larger hexagonal hole at their bottom edge that acts as the hive types' main entrance.
Voice: Humming and buzzing.
Skin: Wood and hardened wood pulp.
Fluid: None.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Hive types favor outdoor environments, especially those well adapted to their colony. They must maintain caution when traveling, lest a sudden freeze or heatwave harm any of the members of the colony they host. Hive types make maintaining their colony into quite the hobby and some even find employment selling the byproducts of their colony. They favor dense social circles and highly value communities that reflect the interdependent nature of their eusocial insect colonies. Hive types prefer foods that are insect byproducts, they adore honey, beeswax, and even insects themselves. Hive types will often congregate in huge groups, sometimes called conventions due to their similarities to the social event, during their type of colony's mating season. This allows all hives of that insect colony type to maintain genetic diversity quite easily, and sometimes hive types will form lasting friendships during these brief conventions.

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