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Snake Type

“The skin shed by snake types is often times considered valuable, be it a delicacy or treasure. I've heard of attempts to craft clothing from it, but my specimens seem opposed to such a thing- more from displeasure with their technique than any sort of ethical grounds.”

Notable Examples: Flickwit

ID: 0003
Type: Snake
Category: Creature
Height: 8 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)
Ability: SKIN SHED

Snake types will occasionally need to shed their skin to reveal a new layer underneath. While they can wait to do this, it will cause them some discomfort and they will appear wrinkly.
Physical Appearance: Snake types are long TCPs without any arms or legs. They have a round marking on their face and slanted eyespots.
Voice: Soft hisses and rattles.
Skin: Scaly and smooth.
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Snake types prefer hot environments, those unfortunate enough to spawn in colder regions often seen swaddling themselves up and insulating their homes as best they can. Snake types prefer activities and interests that don't require limbs, though some snake types have proven quite innovative. Snake types are solitary by nature, though meetings can occur if heat sources are scarce. These TCPs enjoy meaty food types the best, with savory flavors also suitable if meat is not available. Some snake types have been outfitted with limb prosthetics, allowing them to better adjust to society's requirements and expectations.

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