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Strawberry Type

“Strawberry types seem to vary in ripeness depending on how their health is doing, both mentally and physically.”

ID: 0196
Type: Strawberry
Category: Food
Height: 2.75 inches.
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

Strawberry types can break off parts of their body to feed to other TCPs, providing a healing effect.
Physical Appearance: Strawberry types are conical in shape, being larger on top and going down towards a point. They are covered in slight dents with seeds nestled inside. They have two arms and legs, with their arms being average and their legs being on the smaller side. On top of their head are leaves and a protruding stem settled between two tiny earnubs. On one side of the top of their body is a bite that goes through even the leaves.
Voice: Squishing and tcp babbling.
Skin: Soft and easy to puncture or bruise.
Fluid: No usual fluid; strawberry flesh.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Strawberry types usually live in more rural settings, enjoying fresh air and sunlight immensely. They don't necessarily mind somewhere urban if the soil is good, but cities seem to take a great toll on their mental health the longer they stay there. Strawberries often become farmers, foragers, and bakers, with a lot of them dabbling in all three. They are very social, and love working with other cats to complete tasks, in the mindset of “the more the merrier”. They're often considered “simple” cats, which undermines just how important they actually are, and how present they are in tcp culture. Water is essential for them, of course, and a lot of them enjoy sweets and sugars for food. They also will trade pieces with other berry types, which seems to be a natural understanding among them that they're kin. Strawberry types are sought out by “natural remedy healers” to be used in remedies for depression, fever, and sore throat.

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