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Tent Type

“A TCP presumably created early in the species' development, tent types are very simple, and hard to identify as a tent at all. Signs show that their abilities were made before the common implementation of pocket dimensions in storage types…though I suppose that makes them cozier.”

Notable Examples: Primus

ID: 0004
Type: Tent
Category: Storage
Height: 6 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)
Ability: SHELTER

Tent types can store other beings inside their chest cavity. While inside, the target will slowly regenerate health. This ability does not work if the target cannot fit inside, or if the target is already at maximum health.
Physical Appearance: Tent types have a standard body shape, with small round earnubs and dot eyespots. They have a zipper running down the middle of their face, which can open up to reveal a small space inside the head for storing objects. In addition, they have a large flap on their torso which leads to a small cavity for storing objects or other TCPs.
Voice: Soft whistles.
Skin: Rough, sturdy fabric on the outside, with a silky smooth inner lining.
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Tent types are adaptable, able to fit into almost any environment with ease. All the same, they prefer outdoor spaces, and can become claustrophobic easily. Similarly, tent types enjoy outdoor activities, though only some prefer an active lifestyle. Tent types are social TCPs, forming groups and colonies easily. They gravitate towards “natural” food type products, and will veer more towards fruits and vegetables over typings based on processed foods. A tent type's versatility is valued heavily in colony life, and many find themselves caring for other, smaller TCPs that need it.

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