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Name: Charlie
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 36 (Sleepwalker)
Species: Bird OBJ
Height: 5'0
Home Zone: Luxson

Charlie is a toaster-headed bird OBJ that runs The Caboose Diner in Conduit, Luxson. She features in Vest Party: Sleepwalker and the main Vest Party series. She tends to dress in cute fashion, but not so much as not to be presentable for work. Her head casing has stickers on it to mimic facial features, something that her wife absolutely loves.

She is married to Andre and has two children, Philo and Warren. She also works as a chef in the diner itself.

While she avoids combat at any cost, Charlie is typically either armed in some way or capable of using objects around her to defend herself and her family, mainly as a result of paranoia post-Horror Plague.

Charlie is capable of sensing scraps, but not seeing or interacting with them.

Project Appearances

2020/02/21 00:00ringor mortis


Charlie was born a bird corvice and was mutated during the Luxson Horror Plague, and served in the plague as an engineer on the train Andre ran.


Charlie is strong willed and unrelenting in getting what she wants, and unwilling to compromise on her morals in most circumstances. If she sees something as the right thing to do, it takes a significant amount to convince her otherwise. Thankfully, the right thing to do tends to be caring for her children in a loving manner, and her morals are guided by compassion.

Charlie enjoys feeling cute and burning her food just a little bit around the edges, and dislikes dust and complete silence.



Charlie is married to Andre, and the two of them share a loving (if not playfully rude) relationship. Their banter can come off as somewhat abrupt to those who aren't familiar with them, but they try to never go too far.


Charlie is Philo's mother, and she has to constantly keep them out of trouble.


Charlie is Warren's mother, and she does her best to teach him to stand strong.


Charlie is Flynt's friend, and insists on feeding him a proper breakfast from time to time.

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