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Tsunami Type

“While tsunami types hold a dangerous power in their hands, most are not inclined to use it in any capacity due to its destructive nature- both to the world around them, and their reputations.”

ID: 0063
Type: Tsunami
Category: Nature
Height: 9.75 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

Tsunami types can sacrifice health in order to create miniature tsunamis. The amount of health they sacrifice is directly proportional to the size and severity of the tsunami they create.
Physical Appearance: Tsunami types have a nonstandard shape, with a hunched, wave-like appearance. They have two arms and no legs. They have pointy earnubs and curved eyespots. They have a dripping wave covering half of their face.
Voice: Roaring water and splashing.
Skin: Seawater, held by a thin membrane.
Fluid: Seawater.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Tsunami types prefer outdoor environments with a lot of water present, though whether they actually use their ability on said water varies. They are surprisingly known for being gentle- not despite their ability, but because of it. To avoid harming anyone, a delicate hand is needed- a lesson many have to learn quickly. They are very solitary TCPs, and prefer a life away from others. They enjoy seafood-based and liquid food type products, though some are more inclined to see fish as friends, not food. Despite their appearance, tsunami types' waves in their body do not crash and shift often, and are typically held in a constant curve shape.

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