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Circuit Type

“A bizarre choice for a weapon type TCP, circuit types are neither dangerous or tools in their typing. My only interpretation is that they were an early design of Wax's, before things were figured out cohesively…”

ID: 0059
Type: Circuit
Category: Weapon
Height: 4 inches
Max Health: GOOD (5)

At the sacrifice of health, circuit types can generate circuits of various models either on their body or independent of it.
Physical Appearance: Circuit types have a standard body shape with an average build, two legs, and one arm. Instead of a second arm, circuit types have a large incision along their torso, running from the shoulder to the hip. Protruding from this wound are two large portions of a circuit. Circuit types have markings on their face and chest; a circle at the center of their forehead, and a number of geometric lines ending in circles reminiscent of circuitry along one side of their chest. They have round, colored eyespots and pointed earnubs.
Voice: Electrical humming and crackling, like an electrical short.
Skin: Firm and plastic-like.
Fluid: Molten plastic with bits of circuitry, gold, and copper.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Circuit types prefer indoor environments with minimal liquid or dramatic temperature exposure. They are not inherently tech-savvy, though many find themselves taking well to knowledge of electronics. They are a solitary typing that prefers to work alone, but it is common for them to develop close friendships, especially with those who respect their need for frequent solitude. They prefer dry, easy to eat food type products, and similar to their environmental preferences, avoid liquids or anything too hot or cold. These TCPs can replicate circuit boards from diagrams, making them indispensable in tech manufacturing fields.

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